Digital Marketing agency in Pakistan
Xcentric Services is a boutique technology agency in Lahore, Pakistan with a core focus on ERP, CRM, creative, technology & E-commerce. We help brands create amazing assets and provide the distribution platforms to tell their story and engage with their customers. We offer a suite of services, from large-scale ERP solutions to e-commerce creations for digital campaigns. Some of our core services include ERP deployment, the technology consultancy, E-commerce, website development, web design, e-commerce, CRM, digital marketing & SEM and branding. We partner with clients in various industries such as fashion, luxury, finance, food and beverage, lifestyle, technology and academics. We at Xcentric are known in this world for delivering tangible results through strategic implementations, conceptual and strategic design. Our clients appreciate that we at Xcentric Services don’t just plan, build or deploy solutions – we stay in to activate, manoeuvre, optimize and further foster them. Xcentric Services helps mid-market and enterprise customers achieve their goals through a complete range of services in the areas of customer engagement, finance and operations, human capital management, and business and technology strategy. We offer innovative cloud solutions designed to quickly and effectively solve your industry-specific and operational challenges.SEO, Marketing, Digital The world is constantly progressing. Technology innovations and enhancements at a pace we can hardly pace with. The old science -fiction movie scenario where you could control everything around by pressing a push button, typing a few keystrokes, or swiping a touchpad is no longer the dominion of fiction – it’s a REALITY. Everything we used to do at a work desk can now be commanded from your fingers. 3-d Printing, completely automated self-driving cars, self-diagnosed electric cars, flying taxis, quad and multi-copters – past era has been years of incredible technology progressions. The location of the nearest and best restaurant, complete with a review, exists in just a few fingers touches away. People converse as much with their thumbs as their voices. Mobile isn’t just a phone, it’s a Lifestyle. In the last decade or so, we have been party to more change than once thought imaginable. That means today, brands can easily find themselves out of sync. You don’t make ads any more, you create Brand Experiences. You don’t move the needle, you move people’s hearts. You don’t sell products, you paint a portrait of inspirational self-image. That’s just Today. Tomorrow, you’ll have to adapt, improve, develop. In other words, Evolve. There’s no other technology in the world that 87% of the world’s population owns. And yet, despite mobile devices’ ubiquity and connectivity, we are only beginning to realize what’s possible. But most organizations, in fact, most people, aren’t ready for the massive cultural, health, business and government impacts that these mobile devices are about to deliver.