Hello fellow Clarity Owners,

Has anyone noticed an intermittent non-detection of the key fob at the read trunk of your Clarity?Wondering if its just me, or my proximity to the trunk release area. I had the key fob in hand this morning, and when trying to unlock the trunk using the release switch it was unresponsive. Had to use the key fob release button to trigger it.

I've had this happen on another occasion, but assumed maybe my mobile phone was blocking the signal. Now, I'm not so sure. Any suggestions or similar instances?


Ok my unit stopped working, so first thing was to replace the battery. When that didn't help I checked the fob. To check the fob grab a portable am radio and tune it to a non station were all you get is static. Then hold the fob next to the radio and push each button on the fob. If it is working you should hear a slight chirping sound from the radio. This is also the way to check tv and other remote controllers.

Oh I tried my wife's remote and it didn't lock or unlock the doors either, so I will wait for the weather to get a little warmer and try it again. But I have this sinking feeling it's the receiver unit in the van, which means I'm hooped.


If I had this issue I'd change the battery in the remote. You never know how old the batteries are, or they could be weak. Small price to pay to see if it works.



when the transmitter sends a signal the hetrodyning of the transmitter can be picked up by an am radio, if is held close. My xm remote was actting up and using the am radio I could hear a constant signal, yup one button was stuck down.Try it you will see